1. Registration will open sometime between Dec 17 2021, 10:00pm and Dec 18 2021, 7:00am
  2. To be the first in line check registration availability every 15 minutes For Example :- Registration could open on Dec 17 2021 at 10:00pm, 10:15pm, 10:30pm, 10:45pm ………………….. and so on, up to 7:00am on Dec 18 2021
  3. Once the Registration is open it will stay open until all the products are sold out.
  4. Limit one bottle from entire list per customer, duplicate entry will be deleted
  5. Any bottle will be reserved only once the order is successfully submitted on First come First serve basis.
  6. The Person who registers is the only one who can pick up the bottle and must have valid ID
  7. Registered Bottles will have to be picked up on Dec 18 2021 by the end of the business day.
  8. If a Customer registers a bottle and does not pick up the bottle, that person will be banned from any such events or allocated products in the future.